My new home! Come check it out.

I’ve moved! Hope you’ll join me at my new, self-hosted home at Like a true city dweller, the blog has had a few different homes, from a free wordpress space to a home, and this year it’s moved to a shiny new part of the web.

There have been a few posts since the big move, and if you want to catch up you can read about crispy oven-baked chicken wings, savory Moroccan carrot salad, and not-so-traditional French onion soup.

If you used to see posts in WordPress Reader, or just want to start following the blog now (it’s never too late!) you can sign up to receive alerts about new posts.

There is plenty more to come, so please join me on my cooking and eating adventures!

crispy baked chicken wings

Moroccan carrot salad

French onion soup

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